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Recent Projects

HydroMotion Vol 1 Collection of Unlimited Hydroplane Photos by David Cormier from 2008-2011 at Tri-Cities and Seattle in a soft bound book.
Poster Coolage of the "Blue Blaster" Atlas and "The Juggernaut" Miss Budweiser running on Lake Washington during the 2013 Seafair Cup.
36 inch Prints Mounted These prints are flush mounted on a floating presentation measuring 36" wide by 8 inches tall. Prints are pressure laminated to frame.
Nature Selection of nature prints available on various items including prints, posters, bags, pillows, metal, mugs, greeting cards, phone cases and more.
  • H1 Unlimited Teaser Video

    Video edited for H1 Unlimited website using 2014 footage from GoPro cameras mounted to the boats showing the spectacle of these 3000 hp, 200 mph machines. These 28 foot long, 14 foot wide boats ride on a cushion of air rammed under the boat to where only a couple inches are touching the water at a time. The back of the boat rides on one blade of the 3 bladed 16" propellar. Boats are powered by a T55 Lycoming engine out of Vietnam era Chinook helicopters. Includes footage from Madison, Detroit, Tri-Cities, Seattle, San Diego and Doha.

    To see more videos check out David's youtube content containing all of the videos from Our Gang Racing and unlimited hydroplane videos.

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